Our Mission

Turntables Unlimited began operating in the 1960's as a California electronics repair shop. We acquired the name, Turntables Unlimited, because we repaired only turntables, record changers, and phonographs. As we grew, we began repairing all types of audio components. Later, we expanded our facilities and began selling audio components, as well as installed needles and installed phono cartridges.

Presently, with over 70 years of various kinds of turntables in the marketplace, our service department repairs only specific turntables, record changers, phonographs, and no other type of audio components. We do not sell used equipment and we do not take trade-ins. Our sales department sells various audio components that are specifically selected by us for affordability, style, function, quality and high ratings in various consumer reporting magazines.

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1139 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825

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